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New Community E Note 9 18 2020

Dear Friends,

What a wonderful blessing to wake up to a refreshing rain this morning. It didn’t last long and only lessened the smoke for a couple of hours, but what a nice change.


We have been pleased to help more fire evacuees this week with goods from the thrift store. They left with cloths, shoes, and smiles. We were also able to give a microwave to a gentleman who lost his house and was staying in a tent. He was excited about hooking the microwave up to his generator. I have no doubt that the more we give away, the more blessings –and donations-- we will receive in the future.


We had a lower turnout for our Wednesday evening drive thru meal this week. No doubt the smoke, as well as the cancellation of last weeks meal, affected some of our guests. We were able to serve 20 meals that included 50 polish dogs, macaroni salad, chips and of course wonderful homemade cookies. Many thanks to Dawn Muenster and Linda Wallace for dropping off cookies this week. The leftover cookies were taken to firemen staying at the Holiday Inn.


This Sunday we will be joining the Conference worship service at 10:30 AM. You can easily find it by going to the conference website CNUMC.ORG. The service will include the ordination of new pastors serving our churches. I think you will enjoy the service. During the service, I will send out a link for a zoom fellowship time following the service.


And about the finances. Thanks to your continuing and very generous support we have been able to pay off our obligations to the federal and state government for withholding taxes, social security taxes and sales tax along with the penalties for non-filing and late payment. That puts us current on everything except our past pension obligations and conference tithe. Together, those remaining obligations total a little over $40,000. I have no doubt we will successfully work it down—it is just going to take a little while.


However, before we begin reducing those obligations, we need to make a building repair. Our gas line from the tank to the fellowship hall leaks. There are additional leaks in the kitchen flex lines. Also, in the thrift store hallway there is a gas valve that is not allowed indoors and that line—which serves the roof heating and air conditioning units—needs to be rerouted. Because of these issues, the propane to the buildings  has been shut off and locked since April.  Estimates for the repairs run between 4 and 5 thousand dollars. Our next financial priority will be to raise those funds and complete the repairs before the weather turns too cold. Until the repairs are made, we will have no heat or hot water in the fellowship hall, offices or thrift store.


I suspect to some of you this sounds like a lot of problems on top of everything else that is happening. Don’t worry! We will just take it one piece at a time and work through it all. And, in the meantime, we will celebrate that even with all of this we are able to help friends and neighbors every week with food, clothing and household items. I am mindful of our text for next Sunday, September 27, from the prophet Jeremiah:


“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”


Thank you for all you do, and for remembering to stay safe. Everyone has done a good job staying as well as possible. Let’s not get casual about safety and let our guard down.


With Love and Appreciation,

Pastor Jim


This week's Service

This sunday, join us for the Cal-Nev Conference Worship Services @10:30am. You can easily find it by going to the conference website: CNUMC.org

During the service, Pastor Jim will be sending out a link for a zoom fellowship time following the service


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