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Is church the last place you expect to find loving community? We understand!

Beloved community doesn’t mean we all agree on everything…

Beloved community doesn’t mean adhering to dusty dogma or literal interpretation of our sacred stories or that the story stopped being written…

Beloved community doesn’t mean checking your brain at the door…

Beloved community means making space for everyone and we mean EVERYONE…

Beloved community means trying to really live into Jesus’ teachings…

Beloved community means caring for one another and the earth we have been gifted with…

And we warmly invite you to visit us at:

Sunday Worship Services
10:00 am - MountainSong

Please join us for Community Meal Every Wednesday at 5:30pm

New Community United Methodist Church - 49223 Road 426 - Oakhurst, CA 93644 - (559) 683-2652